"I contacted Leslie after I saw some branding work she did for a fellow photographer and I hired her asap! I knew she was perfect for my style and visions after looking at her website and blog. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so it's tough for me to put my business in another's hands but I trusted Leslie and her vision from day one. I sent her my inspiration for my branding, a blue willow china plate, and told her to go with it. I cannot freakin' believe what she created from my one piece I sent her. It was perfect and so me. She created my entire branding - blog, site, packaging, office materials and other custom pieces. Every e-mail from her with proofs was like a piece of candy.
I would seriously drop everything and just marvel for a good hour at the designs. And she's incredibly sweet and amazing to work with."

Laura Leslie

"You know you've picked the right person when she makes you feel as if you've been longtime friends within just a few emails. I'm sure I'm not the pickiest client she's ever had, but I certainly have my strong preferences (and to be honest, I may come close!). I've worked with several different designers in the last few years (one or two of them being "big players" that frequently serve our wedding photography community) and not even one has come close to the quality, work ethic, and customer service level that Leslie has displayed. Throughout our time together, Leslie has always been so kind and understanding. It takes courage to so easily shrug off your own work, work that you probably consider one of your many masterpieces, and say to your client, "That's okay if you don't like it, we'll try something else." And, wholeheartedly mean every word. Leslie never once questioned my preferences, and no matter the content of my last email, would always greet me with a virtual grin containing multiple emoticons and exclamation marks in her responses. Within 3 months of finishing all our work together, I had already told more people about her and her awesomeness than I can count. Now, I'm looking for every excuse I can to get materials professionally designed - Leslie is my go-to designer for life!"

Sarah Rominger

"I knew I wanted Leslie to design my new website. I really admired her work and bookmarked web designs she did for other creatives (as well as her own website) and knew that her clean and classic style would be perfect for the site’s new look. And Leslie is so creative and such a delight to work with – SO patient, willing to try any idea I sent her way (and make it even better!), ALWAYS pleasant….just absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much Leslie for all your hard work to make my site SO lovely!"

Moya Minns