Laura Leslie Photography Brand Design

Meet Laura Leslie.

If I kept a list handy of my all-time favorite clients, Laura would be on it, in a thick bright sharpie color. When Laura approached me about her brand design, I was instatnly in love with her work and was even more excited about the project when she informed me that her vision for her brand was inspired by her ethnic background. She sent me a picture of her grandmother's Blue Willow china and told me to run with it. That right there was a sign of a photographer who knows creativity and knows how far you can go with it.

We started with her new website, and created a soft, romantic approach, using elements of the Blue Willow pattern to create her background.

We kept the same simplicity and white space with her new blog. {A tip from Leslie: Embrace white space, people. It makes you look and feel better. I promise.}

Using the same pattern we put together her beautiful price list design.

 If you're a fan of gorgeous romantic photography and go bananas over the light and airy goodness, Laura is your girl. Her work is stunning and I could not have had more fun helping her with her new and now more meaningful brand.

Check out more of Laura's work on her web site and blog.