Megan Noll Photography Branding + Web Design

Incredibly proud of this latest branding and web design for Megan Noll Photography!  We started with a little refresh on her branding to bring new life to her booming photography business. Megan is making waves in her industry and she wanted to take her branding and web site to the next level. 


And can I say, my love relationship with the ShowIt web platform continues to grow this year. If you're on the fence about what platform to be on, ask me the questions. This may just be your fit.


5 tips to prepare for your BRANDING SESSION


So I promised I'd be sharing all the phases of my re-brand journey and my next step was my Branding Session! 

Not sure what a branding session is for and why it might be important? Ok, allow me to explain:

Have you ever visited someone’s site or Instagram feed and just got a beautiful cohesive sense of what they were about and a clear picture of what they offer, simply through their images? Most of that is achieved through well thought out imagery of their work, their behind-the-scenes and their life passions. 

So how does this play a role in booking the ideal clients you dream of? Here's why:

Today’s market is SO different. They want in. They not only want to see your work, they want to feel like they know you and trust you before they invest in your product or service.

After a decade in business and seeing the huge impact this could have on my business...I caved.

And now I'm sharing these tips on HOW TO PREPARE FOR A BRANDING SESSION:

TIP#1:  Do the homework - Really dive into what your brand aesthetic and message is. Find inspiration from brands that evoke that same vibe. If it takes hiring a professional to nail your brand goals, it’s worth it. A clearer message carves a clearer path to your ideal client.

TIP#2:  Find a photographer who gets your brand. Ask yourself questions like: Does their existing work reflect the style I’m going for? Is he/she someone you could spend a full day or two shooting with? 

*Bonus: If they’re very organized, that’s a plus! My photographer and I shared a Google Sheet together for a couple months as we polished the shot list and shared visual inspiration. Safe to say - we must be long lost organizing geek sisters!

TIP#3:  Don’t be afraid of the details. Give yourself time to really plan out the details of your shot list. The more specific you are with your goal shots, the smoother your session day will flow.

Want to see what I think is the MOST IMPORTANT tip?! [Hint: It's #4] 

Want to save this read for later? Pin the image below for easy reference! 







FREEBIE! Welcome Magazine Template

Are you stumped on how to start wowing your client from the beginning? The most successful photographers place value in the details. They start with the welcome experience and it's usually with a sharp welcome magazine like this.

Up your welcome game with this FREE WELCOME MAGAZINE TEMPLATE.  

No joke. It's free. I just think that if you're good at what you do, your collateral should be just as stellar.