If there's anyone who keeps the world of weddings fun, it's gotta be wedding planner, Melissa Margarita Distefano of MasterPiece Weddings. So when it came time to think of a clever idea for her business cards, we thought, "what could be more fun than coasters?!" Here response of course, "awesometastic idea!" With her fun personality and a cleverly crafted trademark like "Awesometastic," these were a perfect match for Melissa. She's fun, clever, and has no problem joining your party, even if in coaster form! 

Melissa Margarita Distefano is not only a renowned wedding planner, but she has even more to offer through her popular Be A Planner blog and classes for aspiring wedding planners. So whether you're a bride or a wedding professional, you can never go wrong with the guidance and support that Melissa so graciously offers to her clients.

If you have a fun idea for your business cards, comment or email it to me at today. I love a challenge!