A Change for Leslie Vega Design

The time has come to share some of the changes that are taking place here at Leslie Vega Design. Don't worry...it's good change! Promise!

As many of you know, my business has experienced some serious growth over the past year and it is all thanks to you and your kind referrals that continue to send the perfect clients my way. I am overwhelmed at the recognition I have experienced and the honor it is to work with brides and wedding professionals who appreciate high value stationery all over the nation from New York to the midwest, and even Paris! It is no secret that it all starts with someone's kind referral and trust in my work, and for that I can't thank everyone enough.

With that being said, I have welcomed this growth with open arms and now find myself at a crossroads in my life where I feel deeply that a decision must be made to either fuel the fire to this growth or scale down to focus on the things that are most important to me--mainly, my growing family. With little #2 on the way and an awakening desire to devote more time to my home, I have decided to scale down my business to simply offer my brand design services to wedding professionals and close the door on the wedding stationery side of my business. While I thoroughly enjoy the detailed process of creating the perfect wedding suite for my brides, branding has always been a special part of my career and provides a more simple approach to the style of my work that I love so much. I could never completely close the door on how fun it is to design for the wedding industry, so instead of shutting everything down, I have chosen to focus my efforts on just one type of client within the same industry: the wedding professional.

I may have already worked with many of you on your own branding and I hope your experience with me was just another clear demonstration of my passion for brand design and the desire to create the perfect image for you and your business. It is clients like Ashley, Laura, Heather and Amanda {below} and so many more....who's grateful excitement of my brand design work for them reminds me of how much I love this work and how rewarding it can be.

I hope that you will venture with me on this new journey with your amazing support and continued referrals which are always so appreciated. You will soon see these changes take place on my site as I transition my services solely into branding.

Thank you so much.