Stephanie Gregory's New Brand

I was contacted by Stephanie a couple weeks ago to help her get her photography business going with the perfect brand design. If you've worked with me before, you know that mood/inspiration boards are a designer's best friend in the world because it gives me a clear view of who you are and the style you love. In fact, sometimes it may even surprise you and take you in a whole different direction that is much more 'you' than you ever thought! So Stephanie went to work with her mood board using the insanely addictive Pinterest. {Am I the only one who has refrained myself from even beginning my Pinterest account because I know for sure my loved ones will never see me again?!! Yeah, just wondering...}

Some of the words that Stephanie used: preppy, J Crew, travel, calligraphy, vintage, sophisticated yet romantic, and touches of the french culture.

So here's a peek at how Stephanie's logo evovled.

...The makings of something beautiful! Can't wait to share the rest of what's in store for Stephanie's brand as she opens the doors to her photography business. Stay tuned! {Of course will share her site and work when it's up and running!}