Sara Eaton Photography Brand

This is a special one ya'll. Meet Sara. I don't think I can even call her a client because perhaps it's too cold a word to describe a person who has such a big place in my heart. I call her companion (who's counting miles?), confidant, fellow day-dreamer, encourager, creative, listener, fan-flamer, and best friend. We've got quite the history. If we were to share it in pictures, I think we would both cringe. So, I'll save us both the embarrassment.


As you remember, I recently traveled from sunny Florida to (um, spacious?) Oklahoma to spend some time with her and create together. We're the perfect match: a passionate brand designer to photographers and a photographer who day dreams of breathtaking images and flawless brands. So, you can imagine the late nights and workaholic binges we immersed ourselves into. But this trip was more special than I expected. It came at such great timing. Clearly, only God knew what He was doing when I bought this plane ticket months ago. Because right smack in the middle of an unexpected life storm, I was to board a plane and make it straight into a great big Sara hug. And that's exactly how it went. I will forever be grateful for that trip filled with long talks, comfy throws, and sweet creative distractions. Man, God knows exactly who to use at exactly the right time.

As soon as Sara started her photography business, it was a total given that I would have the honor to brand her. We started out with a pastel palette, going in somewhat of a colorful direction and then…AND THEN…came THE picture. That one kitchen picture that encompassed every aspect of Sara and her style. So we wiped the board clean and started from scratch again. Sara's perfect brand was born! Classic, timeless, a touch of pretty and clean. This is so her house and style, it's mind-boggling.



So, while I don't get to sneak away to coffee breaks and pedicures with Sara very often, we share a daily connection of living out our passions together. From a light bulb idea phone call to inspirational texts and just plain goofy messaging about this industry we share, I am forever grateful for Sara. And of course, super delighted to be a part of her branding journey!

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