So I had this conversation with my bestie Sara, of Sara Eaton Photography a while back. I can't remember what got us to this phrase. Perhaps a bummer night with an unhappy client email or a stagnant number on that Instagram follower feed.

But when I truly reflected on what that discouragement felt like, I realized, the success that I've found in my business never came quickly. It was a combination of treating clients right and allowing the power of word of mouth (from the right mouths!) to push me forward.

It was then, that the phrase just came out naturally:

"Do not be afraid to grow slowly."

Some of the slowest things are the strongest and long-lasting.

I don't know if you've ever had that moment in front of the computer after an hour's worth of  daydreaming and drooling over your idol's web site or gasping at their 5k+ followers, but when you finally step away from the screen and realize where you actually are in comparison to where you were two years ago, you realize it wasn't speed that got you here.

It was hard work, good service and never giving up.

Sure, a little push of fast growth is always welcome, and I've had a few of those spurts, but when it comes down to it, I have to take my eyes off the speed and and place it on my work, my clients and building the right relationships to surround myself with people that help me grow in a healthy, genuine way. 

So if you're antsy, or just plain discouraged, just remember, focus on your passion, find the right places/people where someone will toot your horn for you, and treat your clients well...actually, more than well...amazingly.

Then you will experience true growth.