Shannel Aiken Brand

It's Friday. So Friday deserves a bold fun brand! I had SO much fun with this one. Everything is still in the oven and I'm sure her web presence will soon reflect this whole new vibe, but for now, I couldn't wait to share the results of Shannel's brand design! Shannel of Shannel Aiken Wedding + Events wanted a bold, modern, yet feminine brand. And I think we nailed it here! Enjoy this fun and bold brand! Happy Friday!

Renee Walston Photography Branding

Renee Walston was such a treat to work with. Usually clients are a treat when they seem to have your same aesthetic right off the bat. This one is the kind that keeps me up at night because it's all coming together in my head so quickly that it just has to be designed! The mood board process is such a fun one because it's the best visual representation of the essence of a brand. It's probably my favorite part of the whole process. I'm sure she appreciated the unusual speed! Just loved every bit of it; the softness, the pinks, the elegance and the fact that it fit her like a glove. 


Chic Critique Forum - Blog Block Party

Today is a special day! You don't want to miss this. I have had the honor of being a part of the Chic Critique community for a little while now and this is seriously one of the greatest resources out there for photographers. Their magazine is insanely amazing and the blog has so much to take in each week for women all over the world who love and value their passion for photography. 

So, DON'T MISS OUT on today's Blog Block Party!! It includes amazing giveaways including a free premade logo from yours truly! Make sure to take a peek at my Etsy shop. If one of those logos fancies may want to enter this giveaway quick!