Home Business Moms – How To Fit It All In {Part 2}

So my last post on Fitting It All In got some great feedback and there’s so much more I can share on the ins and outs of productivity with a home business that is surrounded by potty training and mommy chauffeuring! Here are the last few tips. I hope these are more than helpful:

7. Avoid social media during the day. Schedule your posts strategically, and leave it there. Marvel over the responses later during free time or allotted social media time, not during client time. If you have staff on hand to monitor the social media, even better, but if you’re flyin’ solo on this one, limit yourself. It will do wonders for your productivity. Because in reality, the bulk of your day should be spent on the whole reason your company has found any success: your amazing work.

8. Stop comparing. Do you and do it well. This motto will get you farther than you ever imagined. It keeps you from distracting competition and crippling self-doubt. Your confidence will exude and potential clients will be drawn to your solid, unique service.

So if you’ve spent the past 38.5 minutes swooning over someone’s site, chances are, you are now drained and overflowing with doubts about your own business and the amazing things you have to offer. Sure, check out those you aspire to be like for inspiration, but stop at 5 minutes. Believe me, your to-do list and originality will thank you later.

9. Give yourself deadlines throughout the day. We all hit that mode where we’re deep into a project and it’s going longer than we expected. Often times the creative juices stop flowing, but we’re stubbornly bound and determined to finish it, even if it takes going second rate on it for the sake of time and crossing it off the list. Instead of giving that client less, step away from it. Tell yourself, “I will give this one a go until 1:35pm, and then I will return to it later after I’ve gone through the rest of today’s list.” If you’ve given yourself a realistic client deadline, then you’re able to play with time like this since they don’t need it so fast!

This same deadline strategy works for those rabbit trail inspiration browsing sessions we all fall into! Give yourself a time on the clock, and then move on! The end goal is always to finish the bulk of that day’s list. If something is setting you back, walk away and come back to it later!

Use clock deadlines for specific important to-do’s too, like blogging, marketing, workspace organization, etc.

Shhh…I’ve even given myself exact deadlines on the clock for potty breaks! I mean, I’m a woman on a mission, people: a completed list and a clear mind in the evening with my lovies! Nothing will hold me back!

10. Keep the personal calls short and sweet. Just like you wouldn’t indulge in that 2-hour conversation with the bestie at a workplace or go over the details of the family BBQ with your mother, your home business clients deserve the same devoted attention that your boss would. So to make sure your project list is complete by the time its time to get the kiddos, set a time to call your friend back after your work hours and chat guilt-free then!

If you find this helpful, share it with your favorite home business mommies. They’ll be sure to thank you and so will their clients!