KT Crabb Photography Brand Design

Last year, I had the pleasure of working with Katie from KT Crabb Photography! And I realized, I haven’t even shared this one with the blog world! She truly was a pleasure to work with and what a fun name to brand! Of course, branding something with a specific word like “crabb” can go a little crazy and amateur, unless you’re working with someone with impeccable taste like Katie.

I always love to have my clients use Pinterest to create their inspiration boards. The possibilities are endless and help you create a palette more effortlessly than you could imagine just by following what you are naturally drawn to.

Below is Katie’s inspiration board that took us in a fun, vibrant and classy direction.

So with such amazing inspiration, the brand was birthed!

And I can’t say
enough about how beautifully her web site was executed using the brand
we designed. Just stunning. Always rewarding to play a role in watching
someone portray their work and personality so flawlessly. 

Be sure to visit her site at www.ktcrabbphoto.com