Anthropologie’s Flawless Presentation

So I have arrived. A place many have experienced, and I had yet to reach: the coveted Anthropologie mug. Yes, I’ve eyed this little guy for years. If you have it and it’s lost it’s luster, don’t tell me. I plan to let the luster shine for years!
Just perfection.

I don’t get to visit Anthropologie much, but it’s at the top of my list of all-time favorite stores. It just screams me! I love everything about it. Every nook and crevasse. They put so much thought into their presentation. From packaging to point of purchase displays. It’s a brand designer’s dream…or really, any creative! The creativity is oozing out of that store and it’s a treat to step into the visual experience when I get the chance to make the two hour drive to the nearest store.

What I would give to sit in a creative meeting for Anthropologie! I mean who comes up with these things? What was in their coffee that morning, cause I want what they’re having!

I’m so in love with their packaging. Simple yet so effective. I hadn’t  even opened my mug and was already enjoying the experience of their packaging. After a little research, I couldn’t help but find just where they get this lovely tape. (link here) It’s so perfect.
Even their soap boxes–every graphic and color palette is amazing.

I’m a sucker for beautiful patterns, and of course Rifle Paper  and one of their most recent calendar designs.  Obviously, Anthropologie is picky about the products they sell. Not one product lacks enticement.

You can never train them too young! My little creative in training. She was picking some pretty cute items. I’ve gotta hand it to her…she’s well on her way to the creative world!