Jayme Morrison Photography Brand

Meet the beautiful Jayme Morrison . I have to tell you, when Jayme first contacted me about revamping her brand, I think I spent what felt like a full hour swooning over her romantic images. I don’t know if it was hormones or just pure inspiration but I think I might have shed a tear at the sight of her work. Her images are the epitome of romance and that’s exactly what she wanted her brand to reflect. I was on it like white on rice! We did a lot of exploring. Lots of trial and error. Meticulously tweaking until Jayme was completely in love with the results. Of course that’s always my goal. We’re not done until that message comes through with, “I just can’t stop thinking about this brand package! I love, love, love it SO much!! ” I don’t think my clients realize how much that email makes my day. It reminds me of how rewarding this can be. I’ll take that genuine gratitude over any pricey gift any day. Here are the beautiful results! Complete with plans for stunning gold foil stamped business cards and my all-time favorite and naturally perfect Loktah USB boxes. Oh that box! Excited to see it all come to life for Jayme as each piece comes out of the oven!