I really was so pleased with how Julia Beckmann’s brand evolved. Julia owns Amore Vita Photography and came to me in hopes of creating a romantic and timeless brand identity with touches of nature and muted tones. 

I loved working with Julia on her branding because she took every step to heart. Right down to the font selection. Sometimes “timeless” can seem a little understated at first…and for Julia, the understatement was almost uncomfortable! But instead of panicking at the simplicity of our final font selection, she did what every amazing client does-she trusted her designer. Oh and what amazing results became of it! As soon as it all came together with soft tones and romantic elements, Julia was immediately sold! That’s just my favorite-when I can bring the vision together to present it in it’s full glory where the client sees exactly where that perfect vision was headed. And bringing it to life with web elements for use on her ProPhoto site was the cherry on the top. Just loved this one!