Meet The Roses

I think this post has been a long time coming. Seeing as how I have been working with these two for so many years.

It’s always an honor to be entrusted with someone’s brand. It’s the face of your business. The presentation of your baby that you’ve worked so hard to present to the world. But it’s a higher honor when one of the most inspiring power couples entrusts their double empire to you.

Meet the Roses.

Aka: Rebekkah Rosado and Frank Rose (Rosado)

Together, they make a powerful team. And while their two dreams have reputations of their own, they always come together to create the powerhouse that is: The Roses.


She is a rapidly becoming one of the most sought after event planners in the nation! From Florida to New York, Miami and all the buzz towns, (not to mention, internationally) she is creating the most prestigious events for brides and companies around.

She is the founder of Runway Events, Runway Botanical and Rebekkah Rose Events. And who knows what else she’ll dream up. But I’m still enjoying every minute of every brand I get to have my hands in.  From day one she has trusted me as her designer and if you want to know what a dream client is like for a designer, ask her all the questions.

Visit her latest, the Rebekkah Rose Events site.


Rebekkah may have more talents than one could count, but her husband is not far behind! From barber/hair stylist to emcee, officiant and musician, this jack of all trades keeps just as busy as the Runway Team.

Some people call him Mr. Runway because he does make his appearances at Runway events, always showing his support and enthusiasm for all of Rebekkah’s endeavors.

But his clients will tell you, whether it’s in his chair or on the dance floor at an event he’s keeping alive, he is nothing short of contagious.

And of course, his branding and web site had to live up to that. No pressure!


Visit the Frank Rose site to find out all that Frank Rose has up his sleeve.

Could there be a more fun pair to design for? I think not.