Beautiful Logo Design and Branding for The Vintage Bouquet

When Ashley of The Vintage Bouquet contacted me about a re-brand, I could already tell she was going to be one of those magic clients. The kind that trusts you and lets you run with it to create something absolutely beautiful and unique.

While most of my designs end up being for photographers, when I get to do branding for florists, it’s almost like their respect for creativity and art is just as strong. So of course, they always become some of my favorites. I will say, if feminine, romantic branding is your cup of tea, then prepare to enjoy.

Florist Logo Design

Letterpress Business Card Design

Floral Logo Design

Ashley and her team wanted soft, romantic and obviously that touch of floral.
Here are a few renditions of her logo I came up with. This allows for a variety of marks that can be used in different instances and spaces.

Logo Design for FloristThe mood board really brought her color palette and brand aesthetic to life. So dreamy and romantic!

Mood board branding

The feminine vibe of this branding reminds me of Megan Noll’s that I did several years ago.
Check it out here.