How to book more wedding photography clients in 2023

If you’re feeling a bit hopeless about how to book more wedding photography clients, you have to have a listen at this podcast episode I did with Aida Glowik of the My Wedding Season Podcast.

African woman with floral dress and brunette with knitted sweater

For some photographers, 2023 has meant it’s time to take a break from the Google Ads and put some effort into some of the organic (and free!) ways to market and book more wedding clients. We believe that learning how to book more wedding photography clients shouldn’t be an unattainable science.

Aida has been a long time wedding photographer who’s sharing the secrets of the wedding photography industry with some of the best tips and interviews out there.

Her podcast has already featured photography industry leaders like Nadia Meli, Jai Long, Lukas Piatek and so many others.

In this episode we go through some of the easy ways you can rev up your SEO and get more prospect clients onto your website.

Once they’re on your website, Leslie helps you make specific tweaks to your site that will raise your chances of closing the deal.

These are small things you could do on your spare time like some layout changes and call to actions without having to explore the daunting task of a total website re-haul. In fact, you do even have to hire a web designer to make them. (Unless you truly want to experience the journey with me. 🙂

So If you want to hear some easy SEO tips from Aida on generating free leads or my tips on making sure that when they land on your site, your branding and website are solid for conversions, grab a cup of joe and listen to this episode!