Wedding Expo!

I’m not sure I was prepared for how successful this show was going to be, but all I have to say is, wow. I’ve done bridal shows in the past but for some reason the Gainesville Wedding Expo was just extra special. It was not only an opportunity to connect with many local brides as opposed to the more common national inquiries that come in the studio, but it was the debut of my new Leslie Vega brand! I can’t believe the great reviews we got. And how packed my calendar is now with so many consultations! And I can’t thank my husband Jose, my father and former bride + friend, Melisa for all of their hard work and support to put together such an amazing presentation.

My father grew up with a contractor and can basically build a house! So when I asked him to build my expo booth, he jumped right on it! My parents even enjoyed the brainstorming process and they even made the trip to the hardware store a fun experience! (I think my dad knows everyone in Home Depot. I think it’s his second home). Here are my father and husband hard at work…

Hmm, looks like he had a couple setbacks, but he was determined…

Their masterpiece…a big thank you to Wall Written who helped me create the custom decals on the walls. Everything came together so well, complete with our custom bridal tote bags and tees. We are now offering custom bags and tees for you and the whole bridal party!

Melisa hard at work scheduling appointments on the calendar

Me and the hubby!

We couldn’t resist the fun setup put together by The Plant Shoppe. How cool are these real gowns covered in Betsy’s amazing floral work. She totally nailed it.

Congrats to the lucky bride who won Free custom thank you notes!





  1. Mayleen says:

    Leslie! I love this! So happy to see your business booming…you have a wonderful gift and I'm glad you're working for your dreams… many blessings!

  2. Melisa says:

    Leslie Vega! That name is going to take you far! I was honored to help you make the expo a total success! God has his hands on your business…….& you can't go wrong with that kind of blessing ;D

  3. Betsy Gardner says:

    So fun being next to you at The Expo. Your booth was fantastic. Glad you enjoyed our floral dresses!!!!

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