find your seat

I think most brides are always looking for a wow factor and a way to look ‘different.’ And one of those opportunities to think outside the box are your choices for escort card displays. For those of you who are ready to move on to something other than the round table with a gazillion folded escort cards or the large framed list, here are a couple fun ideas!

The first one is a custom designed seating chart from the fabulous ladies at Hello Lucky! And I LOVE the option below it using polaroid pictures that spell out “Welcome!” I think a different spin on pictures would be to use pictures of each of your guests as their escort cards. How much more personal can you get than that?!

For the couple who wants that destination theme, postcards are a creative piece to use as escort cards. And if you love birds as much as I do right now, Ruffled has a great idea for clothespins and birds below. If you haven’t visited the Ruffled blog yet, you are missing out! Their whimsical and vintage ideas never cease to amaze me.

Hello Lucky Seating Chart Design, polaroid seating chart, postcards and wooden frame, love birds, chalk board seating chart



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