for the brides this christmas

I’ve had quite a few bridesmaids scoring some brownie points this holiday season with a sweet gift idea for their bride-to-be bestie. Some of you may remember the cute totebags I debuted at the Gainesville Wedding Expo this past August. Well those are still going strong! They’re the perfect bag for the bride’s growing stack of magazine cutouts and that wedding binder that isn’t getting any thinner.

The bags are a great holiday gift for that special bride-to-be to carry all of her wedding paper work and magazines. If you have to carry it every day, it might as well be in a cute bag, right?


If you want to order one for yourself or be the first bridesmaid to score those brownie points, just email today to order your bag. They’re only $25 and you can pay directly through the Leslie Vega Design site.

Happy Holidays!



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