A Letter from Santa

Santa Claus (or, just about my favorite calligrapher in the world-Sarah Hanna!) is at it again. The letters to your gorgeous children are being drafted. The snowflakes are in. The yummy red envelopes are in the workshop. All The Claus needs is a few minor details to make the letters perfectly personalized for the nice-listers in your life.

Santa’s 2010 hand-calligraphed Christmas letter reads as follows:

Dear ______(1)_______,

I overheard my elves talking
about you in the toy shop. They said
that you have been very nice this year
and I agree!
Remember to keep ______(2)______
your _______(3)_________.
______(4)________ is one of my
first stops, so be sure to go to bed on
time. The reindeer won’t land until
you are fast asleep!

The letters are on classic linen, water-marked paper (Santa would have it no other way). Each magical snowflake placed at the top of the letters varies a little bit in shape and color. The red envelopes will have the recipient’s name calligraphed in a luminous iridescent white ink. The rest is up to you!

For more details on ordering a personalized letter, contact Sarah at info@sarahhanna.com

Hurry! Orders will be filled through Monday, December 20th.




  1. Those are darling!! If only I had a child to give one to 🙂 How cute!

  2. Of course you can make one for your hubby! It's a great way to remind him to buy you that perfect gift! You can fill it in with "keep buying your wife those diamonds!" ha ha! {It's a great idea that Sarah herself suggests!}

  3. Carolyn Ryan says:

    I wish I saw these earlier. Can you put me on a reminder list for next year? My little ones will LOVE them.

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