A few of my favorite things…

So I’m at 29 weeks and so ready to meet this little guy inside of me, but in the mean time, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things that keep this preggo journey interesting! From my favorite comfy clothes to the accessories that make life easier.

{1} My all-time favorite thing to wear right now: long comfy dresses from Forever21. Nothing beats their comfortable clothes and it’s not even maternity wear, so I will still be rockin’ this dress after the pregnancy. {2} Let’s be honest: carrying baby #2 has not been as easy as my first. He’s a little heavy and mama’s back needs some support, so this is my trusty belly band by Leading Lady that I cannot go without. You can purchase the belt here. {3} Ok I admit, it’s a little early for this one, but is this not the cutest diaper bag you’ve seen in the world?! It’s from JJ Collections and I’m so tempted to start using it now as a purse, but I’ll wait to give it it’s debut in November! {4} Probably one of the most meaningful gifts I received at my amazing baby shower a few weeks ago right up there with my favorite custom baby stuff from Swanky Stitch! (go ahead, ask her. She makes much more than camera straps!)…These custom necklaces can be found on many Etsy shops, with any quote you’d like stamped onto the charm. Mine has my two little ones’ birth stones and their names: Nadia and Xavier. {5} And of course, mommy has to stay gorgeous through it all and I’m lovin’ my new simple Sephora eye liner that keeps me looking fresh. 😉

So there you have it, my little preggo survival kit…along with long naps and sinful snacks!


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