Simple is strong not “incomplete.”

So I’ve come across this many times. Super thankful that most of my clients are trusting enough to watch the execution of a very simplistic brand come to life. But it is clear…simple can be scary.

You fear, “this might seem ‘unfinished’ or like we didn’t spend much time or thought on it.”  You want to express everything about yourself in the best way possible. But here are some relieving truths about simplistic, minimalistic logos and brands:

• A simple logo is strong and timeless.
• Rest assured, your logo doesn’t have to carry your full brand palette on it’s own — it’s how you compliment that logo with the rest of your brand that makes your brand complete.
• Think about the strongest brands you have been the most drawn to. Most had a simplistic logo, didn’t they? Overdoing your logo can actually box you into a trend that will leave you paying more money down the road to rebrand when that trend is gone.
• Minimalistic logos often evoke an image of experience, strength and longevity.
• You think, “My designer must have taken the lazy route.” To the contrary: Your final strong logo may be simple, but the thought process that has gone into it is far from that. A good designer has taken the time to visualize your brand as a whole, including how it will compliment your site layout, packaging, color palette and everything that goes into presenting your brand. A good designer studies exactly how this strong minimalistic logo is going to represent you for years to come.

Here are a few logos I’ve done in the past that are sure to beat the odds of fading trends. Don’t fear simple. Simple is your friend. It can actually give you the professional reputation you seek.



  1. Kate says:

    This is the truth !