The 5 Reasons For My Recent Business + Income Growth

I received a call a couple days ago. This sweet designer who is in the beginnings of her design business asked me if I could share where I felt my recent growth came from.

She said it was obvious that I had experienced growth and she wanted to pick my brain about it.

So, of course, being the open book that I am, I was ready to spill the beans.

I wrote it all down and realized, “Wow, these are such simple steps I wish I would have taken 10 years ago!”

They have grown my business and have started a trail of ideal clients at my door that I never expected. I’m not exactly where I want be, but I can feel that I’m getting so so close. Because of course, growth – always growth.

Here’s what I shared with her.

1. I got out of my quiet hole.

I decided I was no longer going to go at this alone and I was going to start rubbing shoulders with other designers. No matter how much my introvert disposition was fighting it.

I took a risk. I signed up for a mastermind retreat with a designer who’s growth I’ve respected for a long time. And what I received from that “risky trip” was more than I could imagine. I found so much affirmation in where I was in my business. I swallowed my pride and became the learner, not the leader. I came back with so many ideas, so much enthusiasm for what I’m doing, and I used that fresh start to make some changes.

I never would have gotten that boost without sitting with other people with the same passions as myself.

2. I changed my mindset + I raised my prices.

I know. This is the scary one. I had to change how I viewed myself. If I was going to be one of the best designers out there, I was going to charge for the value that I bring. If I think like a front runner, act like a front runner, before long, I am a front runner. Even if I’m not quite there yet (which I was, more there than I gave myself credit for!), I chose to act the part.

I came home. I got on my web site, I changed the numbers and clicked save. That’s all.

No one was sitting on my site watching the numbers change and sending in complaints.

The new numbers were there and that was that. And the right clients who valued what I offer for their business paid the price with no questions asked.

3. I got social.

I brainstormed on who that ideal client is and I spoke to her. (Or Him). I got strategic about how I connected with her, where she was and what she wanted to see and hear. I got active on Instagram and Pinterest because that’s where she is. She’s scrolling, asking questions, commenting and checking out who else is commenting. So the more active I got on those platforms, the more traffic I got. It’s not about copying where everyone is. It’s about finding where your client is and speaking to her.

4. I finally implemented a system.

Sometimes as an artist, you don’t feel like doing the adult part of things and actually getting organized. But I signed on to Dubsado and a whole new world of productivity opened up for me. It organizes every inquiry that comes in, keeps you on track so you don’t forget them. It keeps you connected to those inquiries while they are still emotionally invested.  And it makes the project flow so much easier, which keeps your client happy all the way through.

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