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The 5 Reasons For My Recent Business + Income Growth

I received a call a couple days ago. This sweet designer who is in the beginnings of her design business asked me if I could share where I felt my recent growth came from. She said it was obvious that I had experienced growth and she wanted to pick my brain about it. So, of […]

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5 Web Site Must-Haves to Book Your Dream Clients

Did you know that you have 5 seconds to catch your future client? And after that, the rest of what your visitor sees on your site is vital to wooing them in and keeping them around. After 10 years of designing brands and bringing them to life on web sites, I’ve narrowed it down to […]

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How I’m booking my dream clients

I think I’ve figured this out, or maybe scratched the surface! And I wish I would have known these things years ago. Did you just book a client who you know is not the best fit for you? Are you not looking forward to it? But it pays the bills, right? It doesn’t have to be that way.  […]

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The Big Summer Balance

Calling all my mama entrepreneurs who work from home during the summer! I know, I know. That last day of school you saw your teacher buddies frolicking out of the schools with relief, but for you, it’s the beginning of the most intense multi-tasking season of the year. I hear ya. I love my kiddos, […]

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5 tips to prepare for your BRANDING SESSION

So I promised I’d be sharing all the phases of my re-brand journey and my next step was my Branding Session!  Not sure what a branding session is for and why it might be important? Ok, allow me to explain: Have you ever visited someone’s site or Instagram feed and just got a beautiful cohesive […]

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The Top 3 Things I’m Seeing Strong Brands Doing

I’ve kind of been on a growing and learning binge lately. Blame it on the new year, or my ten year business anniversary this year. But man, you know what I’m finding out? We may be missing the mark on what really produces growth and recognition in our businesses. Believe me, I’m an advocate for […]

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My Top 3 business + life lessons after a decade in business

    Ok friend. Grab a cup of coffee… or save this for your lunch break. It’s worth the read for the aspiring dreamers and the burnt out creatives… It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole decade since the year I took the plunge and made my business official. I remember those naive days. […]

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What Makes A Great Design Client

Most designers might not jump into this topic, but I feel like any client deserves this inside peek at what can make their brand design experience the best it can be. I mean, if you’re paying for something, the best thing you can do is go into it with some knowledge, right? This post is […]

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National Association of Professional Child Photographers

I am UBER excited today to announce that I have just been listed as a vendor on the popular National Association of Professional Child Photographers site. (NAPCP) I can’t wait to work with all of the amazing photographers out there who deserve a beautiful brand! Thank you to the team at NAPCP for allowing me […]

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