My Daily Unconventional Social Media Plan

Do you want an easier social media content plan?

woman planning social content on bed

You’ve probably downloaded like thirty social media calendars by now. They’re pretty and really organized and such a great goal to meet.

BUT, if they’re collecting dust or you’re just too overwhelmed to devote a full day to planning out that monthly content calendar…here’s how I break my process down.

Now, I know this probably won’t work for everyone. 

And it might seem a bit lazy or scattered to all the social media gurus out there, but it’s working for me: 

So, here’s a look at my unconventional social media plan!

The simplicity is almost pathetic! Lol

On Monday morning, during my coffee…I write out two newsletters of valuable, precise content using one  theme for that week.

Those two newsletters will each go out to serve my email list that Tuesday + Thursday. 

Email list content – Done-zo!

Repurpose Mornings…

Each morning after that for the rest of the week, I will use my coffee hour to repurpose this topic throughout social media. (If nights are better for you, change this to “Repurpose Nights”)

Examples of repurposing during that coffee hour:

  • Tues: I might take newsletter no. 1 and reword it a bit to simplify for an instagram post + share to Facebook.
  • Wed: Newsletter no. 2 – repurpose on a LinkedIn post
  • Thurs: Create some canva layouts for more valuable posts using your re-worded newsletters.
  • Fri: Create a blog post on this topic, then share everywhere + pin it! 

Did you see how I just showed up all throughout the week…and all it took was my morning coffee hour? 

So where’s your content calendar Leslie?

Here are the only 2 content tools I use! 

  1. A google sheet of brain dump topics. I dump all topics that come to mind into a Google Sheet divided by two different audiences: design clients + design students. (Your audience categories may look different! (I literally pop topics in event topics into the sheet on-the-go using my Google Sheet phone app so my great ideas don’t leave me!)
  2. Planoly I only use Planoly to preview what my visuals will look like for Instagram + save posts for later. I don’t have them post automatically because I want to wait for all those final decisions during my coffee hour each day!

So, instead of a full month’s prep, this is a daily thing for me. 

If you’re not digging the daily thing…then this may not be for you.

But if your brain tends to run during the coffee hour or that late night hour, this might be a nice,  small-task breakdown that may help you show up more without the overwhelm of planning months ahead! 🙂