How To Niche Down Your Design Business in 2023

brand designer in white blazer and rust pants sitting on stairs in creative space shares how to niche down your design business

The 3 key aspects of how to niche down your design business

The process of how to niche down your design business is a combination of the following:

• Genres you like 

• The industries and causes you’re passionate about or what excites you

• Where you can add more holistic value

How to niche down step 1: What You Like

When you want to explore how to niche down, what you like doesn’t necessarily have to be defined by something. Maybe it’s someone. For me, it’s definitely the India Earls of the world! 🙂

When you chose to be an entrepreneur, I’m sure one of the main reasons was the idea of working for yourself.

Bubble burst!

You might not be working for a boss anymore, but you’re working for your clients now. Your job is to keep the client happy and provide great service.

Make sure the kind of person you choose to niche down to is the kind of person you enjoy and don’t mind doing the hard work of superior customer service for.

Step 2: What You’re Passionate About

It’s hard to put your all into something you don’t naturally get excited about. 

What are industries, crafts, genres that get you pumped? 

Is it music, interior design, photography, cooking, crafting, writing, fashion?

Research if there’s a demand in that area for your creative service and then figure out how you can put your own twist on serving someone in that area.

For example: The fashion industry is totally saturated, but you could narrow that down to eclectic boutiques or high-end business woman apparel and thrive in one of those specific markets of fashion.

Step 3: Can You Provide Value To That Market?

How much do you know about that passion? Do you have some homework to do or do you know it like the back of your hand?

The more you know about a narrowed down genre or industry, the more guidance you can provide to your client in ways they didn’t expect like, business guidance, social media trends for their industry and so much more.

This in turn makes you super valuable because you bring more to the table, which means more money in your pocket. 😉

In fact, you could even create additional services that help your ideal client. Like a shop of downloads as I did for photographers myself!

Check out the shop of easy-to-follow download guides for photographers I created for my favorite people. It now positions me as an expert in their world that brings more to the table than just design.

Niching down can be scary, but you know what’s scarier? Missing out on what could have been if you gave your all to one market. 

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