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Designers: Are you looking for the best design workflow and process for your clients?

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About 12 years ago, I put on my big girl pants and left the marketing firms to start my own design business.

There were scary moments and extreme cases of imposter syndrome, here I am over a decade later thanking my 25-year-old-self for taking a chance.

I had no idea so many people would respect my work or even pay me real money for it!

Eventually I started getting design requests from legit creatives and my favorite photographers.

I didn’t expect my work to get the attention it did.

Over the years, I figured out so much about how the design industry works, like:

• How to treat your clients to create the best word of mouth
• Mastering a sales call
• How to find a workflow that works smoothly
• Conquering the legal, “adult” parts of business
• How to price my work and when to raise my prices
• How to handle client revisions
• How to hire dream clients and fire the wrong ones (ouch!)
• How to reach those $10K months…and so much more

From conquering my sales fears to taking on the highest paying clients I could only dream of, I really figured out all the nuts and bolts of what it really takes to have a thriving design business!

I’m ready to share all of my secrets with you!

Now, I’m so excited to be sharing more about this with you in a whole new way!

Get this – I’ve created a free cheat sheet full of my best tips for navigating a client design job from lead to hand-off, which you can download right here.

Something really exciting is in the works.

I am thrilled to announce that I am working on something really exciting behind the scenes…

A way for you to get all of my templates, script guides, best-practices and tutorials all in one step by step guide…so you don’t have to scour blogs and youtube for hit-or-miss info.

A way for you to do this at your own pace, from wherever you are, anywhere in the world…A way to get my best info and step by step help without [without hiring me 1:1 which costs much more]…so you can achieve your goals without spending $$$.

I’m hard at work on this brand new resource for you…

In the meantime, DOWNLOAD THIS FREE CHEAT SHEET I made for you.

It’s the perfect way to get started taking action NOW.

I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks so stay tuned here!!!

Thank you so much for supporting me and following my journey.

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