How much is the cost of branding design in 2023?

Cost of branding design is on the minds of so many photographers and creatives. The answer is: it can really vary. There is no one-size-fits-all in the value of branding design for your business.

Palm logo design for Hawaii wedding and lifestyle photographer

But I can give you a general idea on the cost of branding design in 2023 if you’re trying to do your homework early in the game.

The average branding investment for
businesses in year 1-3

When it comes to the cost of branding design, I like to suggest to photographers or creative businesses to keep their branding investment low if the are still in the early years of this business.

The first 1 to 3 years of business are ideal for dabbling and exploring different avenues of your work. This is when you do take on those first few weddings, elopements, brand sessions, family sessions and newborn sessions. After some time in these genres, you start to realize what you love the most and what kind of client you like to work with.

While you’re exploring your ideal client, you can make the most of pre-made branding suites or website templates that are a good fit for now.

Branding Kits can run as low as $100-$300! And website templates can usually cost you a couple hundred dollars vs the thousands you want to wait to invest on when you have a solid foundation of who you serve.

Some of my favorites shops for pre-made branding or web site templates are:

How much is branding design in 2023 for businesses that are in year 4+?

Ok, veterans.

You’ve done your time. You know what kind of client makes you want to wake up on a Monday morning and hit the ground running.

You’ve got a sense of what your ideal client likes. Your Instagram feed is probably starting to gain a little consistency.

But reality check: It’s time to upgrade from your template life.

You now have solid clients who have the money to spend and want to put it all in the hands of a professional. That means, your branding now needs a little more depth. (Maybe a lot).

The key to business success is knowing who you serve and catering all of your marketing for them. So it’s time to invest in branding that executes that.

If you’re ready to work with a brand designer who really does the homework for your market so that you can start making the big bucks, here’s the kind of investment you’re looking at.

(Notice, I didn’t say “cost,” I said, “investment.” Two very different perspectives. Cost costs you something you’ll never get again. Investment comes back to you).

The average investment for a custom brand design package

Mood board design with pink, blue, and navy including a palm tree logo design and beach picture with pink umbrella
Branding mood board and color palette with pink, blue, navy, beach vibes

Branding design costs can vary by the designer’s experience and talents.

But on average, be prepared to save a couple thousand, maybe $4-5K and sometimes upwards of $10K if they’re really serving you with an in-depth process that can skyrocket your visibility and sales.

When it comes to executing that branding on your website…

Web site design can range from $5K to $10K and even $20K based on your needs. A well-designed and strategic website is not going to land on your lap at Walmart prices. But the rewards can be life-changing.

Just remember: when you decide you’re not playing around anymore, the investment pays back a hundred-fold, bringing all the right clients your way because you decided to do it right.

But wait! More good news: most designers offer payment plans. And in the words of Marie Forleo, “Everything is figure-out-able!” (Including a payment plan!)

Beautiful branding and web design for with palm leaves and ocean views
Computer and laptop screen mockup psd digital device with botanical wallpaper

So, moral of the story – just like you won’t nickel and dime for the important things in life, you don’t want to nickel and dime for the very revenue source that gives you those things.